We Are Less When We don't Include Everyone


The motto of the group is ‘We are less when we don’t include everyone’ as Global Human Rights Advocate, Stuart Milk said. The necessity of this group has its origins in the need of enhancing the motivation for learning In and About Diversity , in the social context Culture, History, Economy of Europe and students' willingness to become more Active Citizens of European Future. As Europe is multicultural, young people should be aware of diversities and have great respect for them. The project is focused on not just nation diversity,but also diversity of people, as individual because itputs together people with SEN and without SEN.The need of educational and social inclusion of vulnerable pupils who may feel themselves at the border of society is one of the priorities of all European and national strategies.Furthermore, according to statics in 2016, an average of 10.7 % of young people in the EU were early leavers from education and training.We want to show the enjoyable and creative sides of Education and decrease the number of school abandonment. The project involves members from different countries which means various cultures, views and practices they can share.Pupils will acquire to high level of respect and ethical positive attitudes on social and educational inclusion and acceptance of pupils with disabilities as part of natural human life. The students and teachers will have a chance to see and analyse variant education systems, to adopt the intercultural competence as a potential. Communication plays a vital role nowadays in the era of globalisation. This project involves regular intercommunication in English between partners. This will improve interpersonal and language competences as well as ICT skills.

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