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  • Welcome to the eTwinning at Home: eTwinning in times of school closure!

    This eTwinning Group showcases a collection of inspirational materials gathered from all over the eTwinning community. We hope it serves as an inspiration and a motivation to all teachers, students and educators during these challenging times!


    Discover stories of eTwinners!

    How can you transform and improve your teaching online skills? How to conduct an online peer reviews? Discover ‘Teacher voices’- stories of four eTwinners sharing their experiences in the digital classrooms!

    eTwinning Portal is a window to the eTwinning community where we are currently hosting stories from the community:

    1. Discover the story of Stasele Riskiene, secondary school teacher with 22 years teaching experience, from Lithuania and the project “Be Smart: It’s Fake News!” she and her partners from Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Spain and Azerbaijan started in January to fight disinformation online.

    2. For eTwinning, 2020 is the year to discover Climate change and environmental challenges. Learn how Rita, Samuel and Ana Cristina from Portugal continue to motivate their students to drive conversations, inspire actions and reflect on the environmental impact even during the lockdown. 

    3. Marina Zacharia from Ossa, a small village 40km away from Thessaloniki, Greece used eTwinning to open up opportunities for her students, whilst they are at home, to enable them to connect with students from Germany and Romania. Her project «ΜΕΝΟΥΜΕ ΣΠΙΤΙ ΜΑΖΙ» (STAYING HOME TOGETHER) involved thousands of students from 221 schools.

    ... and how the Italian professors & students are addressing the new challenges in learning while making sure not to leave anyone behind!



    Keep Teaching!

    Prof. Richard Powers from University of Stuttgart held a 4-part online seminar on ‘COVID-19 Keep Teaching! Planning & Delivering Remote Instruction to Your Students During this Hard Time’.

    These online seminars provide a wholesome approach to the distance learning, and they are available on the Group pages, on the left menu under Online Events: Planning and delivering remote instrucion to your students.

    We will be updating the Group regularly, so stay tuned as we dive in to discover and learn from the eTwinning community!



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