Project summary

  • Erasmus + 2020-1-LT01-KA229-077940


    „Blue shirts green shorts“


    The main goal of the project is to raise student’s awareness by teacher’s involvement in contemporary environmental issues.

    The main goal will be done through these objectives:

    • To enhance student’s awareness about environmental issues;
    • -to motivate students in thinking critically and globally;
    • To determine students to be actively implicated in ecological activities;
    • To encourage students in using foreign languages in conversation with emphasis on English;
    • To improve their communication skills with students of different cultural background;
    • To promote the integration of new strategies such as Personalized and Adaptive learning, Digital storytelling, Video- based learning, Gamification and project based learning in their school curriculum;
    • To promote Content and Languages integrated Learning in the domain of Environmental Education
    • To improve the level of ITC competences and skills;
    • To develop tolerance, mutual understanding, active citizenship, critical thinking, cultural and linguistic comprehension;
    • To provide a European dimension to their schools;
    • To improve teacher’s scientific experience and the knowledge the new methodologies.