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  • How does eTwinning support teachers on media literacy and disinformation?

    Below the selection of materials that supports teacher in their journey and activities on the annual theme 2021:

    • “To drive change and digital transformation an online community is needed.”, Maartje Blijleven

    Learn about “The power of online communities and digital transformation” speech delivered by Maartje Blijleven during Professional Development Workshop for eTwinning Ambassadors. The workshop focused on providing the Ambassadors with the skills neede to promote eTwinning in digital world successfully.

    This eTwinning publication, available in 26 languages, analyses the meaning of 'digital citizen', highlighting the impact of eTwinning projects on developing active citizenship of both students and teachers.

    In 2019 eTwinning focused on democratic participationby fostering the skills necessary to achieve a democratic culture, like autonomous learning, analytical and critical thinking, etc. that contribute to building active citizenship. etc. By showcasing examples of outstanding eTwinnig projects this publication demonstrates how teachers can contribute to the creation of sustainable democracies.

    eTwinlandia is an activity created specifically to put into practice democratic values, used during the networking exercise at the eTwinning Annual Conference 2019. 

    These ready-made project kits are step-by-step guides to successful eTwinning projects that can be used as benchmarks for teachers who wish to implement similar projects, or as tools for inspiration for fresh ideas.

    This set of resources helps eTwinners explore the features of the platform and guides them through the different stations of eTwinning journey. Suitable for both beginners and experienced eTwinners alike!

    This network are bodies, organisations and initiatives that share the values and the objectives of eTwinning. The collaboration between eTwinning and its Friends aims to share their expertise to teachers through online seminars, workshops and disseminating high-quality material.