• Content and Language Integrated Learning - UnivAQ 2016


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    Alice Caraceni, Mariacarmela D'Agostino, Giovanni Marcozzi, Marco Neigre, Floriana Marcello, Maria Moncada, Elvira Graziano, Francesca Abbriano, Luana Mastromauro, Elena Bellachioma, Francesca Berardi, Valentina Cozzi, Lucia Andreani, Alessandro Nardis, Fabia Geslao, Edoardo Iacucci, Mariagrazia Lulli, Maddalena Miccoli, Giulio Pacifico, Domenico Marconi posted their Learning Designs through the provided tool.
    The final deadline has been given by the course coordinator, so you know it better than me, and that all the learning designs received, validated by me, will be given to Prof. Mario Di Gregorio and UnivAQ Students Administration Office during the current week (17-24 october 2016).

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    CLIL UnivAQ online tutoring by Claudia Valentini:

    Tra Scienza e Tecnologia: conoscere Darwin by Mario Di Gregorio [15.07.2016] 
    Live Event CLIL_UnivAQ2016 SCI_PHI Live Darwin 18.07.2016 h 17:00 [check & join through Live Events]

    Informatica e Interdisciplinarietà by Stefania Costantini [02.09.2016] 
    The Live Event with Claudia Valentini scheduled 05.09.2016 will NOT take place

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    Comig soon: shared final report with your CLIL Planning!

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