MAKER SCHOOLS -Enhancing Student Creativity and STEM Engagement by Integrating 3D Design and Programming into Secondary School


The aim of MAKER SCHOOLS is using 3D technologies (3D Design and 3D Printing) for improving the quality of curricular teaching and for delivering engaging and effective extracurricular STEM and STEAM (STEM and Arts) activities. In addition MAKER SCHOOLS will explore the relation of 3D technologies with computer programming and physical computing. These areas are chosen as they can develop students’ creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills, demonstrate the connection between STEM and the production process, allow for the seamless integration of STEM into Arts & Design, and promote student engagement. 3D technology produces results that students can see and touch, which can make STEM activities more agreeable to otherwise reluctant learners. MAKER SCHOOLS is an approved Erasmus+ project (project number:2020-1-BG01-KA201-079274) cooperation of three countries Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey.

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