Christmas activity

  • Many thanks to all of you who participated in our Christmas activity. Here is an e-book with your activities. Enjoy reading! 


    I would like to invite all members of this group to join our Christmas activity "Make a Difference with Sweets"

    What to do?

    1.  Write the recipe of the sweets you usually prepare for Christmas (or other holiday) and add a picture of it. Post your recipes to this Padlet. If it is possible for you, add also video-recipe. You can of course write your recipe also in your language, but for all of ur, please, add also an English version :)

    Deadline for writting the recipe: 20th November. Write your recipes to this Padlet. Deadline: November 25th

    Made with Padlet

    2. Choose the recipes from the collection created, and prepare it with you pupils / cooperate with parents to prepare it. Please, choose the recipes of other countries to make it more interesting for your pupils. 

    3. Sell the prepared sweets in your school and give money to the charity (special purpose)
    or invite other pupils and teachers for a Christmas party and serve your sweets
    or give prepared sweets to the people in need (you can visit eldery people and organize also a program for them)

    4. Let pupils organize the event themsleves as much as possible. You can add also other acitivites, let pupils decide. Brainstorm activities together and enrich this Christmas activity. 

    5. Create a word document and write about your event. Add pictures. Upload it to the Materials and I will create an e-book with recipes and events organized. Deadline: January 31st