Act of Kindness

  • What is the kindness story of your classroom?

    Last years we Made a Difference and organized events for our communities, this year lets continue with the Acts of Kindness. This is the way how to develop social skills and build resilience, so important for all of us.

    Encourage your students to be kind and make a difference to someone. 

    Kindness can change us; kindness can change the world

    What to do?

    1. Discuss with your students what kindness means to them.

    2.Then talk about what acts of kindness they can do.

    3. Inspire them to start to do these acts of kindness next weeks.

    4.  Encourage all of us by sharing your classroom ´s acts of kindness in our group. Create your  "Story of Kindness" and add it to this Padlet. 

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