Welcome to the Group!

  • Welcome to the eTwinning Featured Group for the Annual Theme 2022!

    Here you will have the chance to explore the theme of "our beautiful, sustainable future together", a theme so versatile and rich that is packed with resources and materials for teaching and learning. 

    In our eTwinning community, you will get inspired and invited to take part in challenges with your classes, share your ideas for activities with other eTwinners, participate in partner finding fairs, get in the spotlight and present your work. 


    Are you in for an eTwinning adventure in 2022?

    Are you eager to find out what exactly the New European Bauhaus means in each and every aspect of school life and how this new knowledge can affect learning environments as we know them?

    Then you are in the right place!

    Check out the pages of "Our Future Beautiful, Sustainable, Together: Schools and the New European Bauhaus" Group space and get ready to dream big and realize your dreams the eTwinning way, namely in the company and with the help of other eTwinners!

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