🎨 eTwinning Day 2022

  • eTwinning Day 2022 - May 9th, 2022



    eTwinners celebrate the eTwinning Day and deploy the annual theme of the New European Bauhaus in schools through a Social Media Campaign running from May 2nd until May 9th

    Teachers will inspire their students and help them

    πŸ€” to think of their Dream School.

    Is their dream school beautiful, sustainable and inclusive? In what ways? To help you elicit relevant answers use the checklists for beautiful schools, inclusive schools, sustainable schools.

    Then the students 

    🎨 draw their dream school  (suggested for younger learners) or

    πŸ–Ό create a collage (suggested for younger learners) and

    πŸ“· take a picture of it


    πŸ“œ design a digital poster of their dream school (suggested for older students) or

    🏫 create a (digital) mock-up, namely a scale or full-size model of the design of their dream school (suggested for older students)


      share it on Social Media using & following the hashtags

     #eTwinningDay and #eTw4Future.

    πŸ“ŒThe dream schools posted on social media will be collected into the eTwinning Day gallery. Will your students' dream school be featured in the gallery? 

    If you have any questions related to the eTwinning Day 2022 Social Media Campaign, there is no need to worry. Post it on the "eTwinning Day 2022" discussion thread The moderator and your fellow eTwinners will try and answer your questions. You may do so, too.

    Dream a little dream of ...your school

    For more information check out the eTwinning Day 2022 page on the eTwinning portal