Greetings from the moderator

  • Dear members of the Group, 

    Welcome to the eTwinning Featured Group "Our Future Beautiful, Sustainable, Together: Schools and the New European Bauhaus". The Group aims at supporting eTwinners with all the necessary input related to the New European Bauhaus and the ways this initiative can transform our schools. Such a transformation is only possible through the collective power of the eTwinners. We are going to move from the thoroughly-discussed theoretical framework to actually experimenting and implementing ideas in our daily school reality so that both our students and we can experience the New European Bauhaus in our school no matter what its size or location is. 

    Looking forward to working with you all!

    Natalia Tzitzi


    Natalia Tzitzi is a Teacher of English and holds a BA and an MEd in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. She has been an eTwinner since 2005 and an eTwinning Ambassador since 2015. She has moderated and created educational content for MOOCs and eTwinning Learning Events on various topics including blended learning, student agency, distance learning and online classroom management.