Digital Tools and Social Network in Physical Education


Sport Apps in the clasroom

We have a great numbers of Sport Apps to use in our classes to control, share or compite between differents group of sportmen or sportwomen with these Sport Apps.

I use the following Sport Apps:

I sincronize Garmin Connect with Strava and we all can create a Group to share or activities and we can know our trainning sessions along the weeks.


  1. Garmin Group: Triatlhon Pilas Bonas
  2. Strava group (Private)

In our blog we can copy the html code and to share our activities in our blog in wordpress or blogger with the differents students if we create a GROUP in Strava.

If we have our students in this Sport Apps we can share their free physical activities with the rest of the students and we will try to promove their habits to practice sport in their free time.

Another possibility is to share the weekly activities with this App (Strava):

Or to share differents routes by bycicle if we sincronize the Apps with a widget in our blogs, example:

Or we could use this tool to know how are doing our students if they use this Apps in their mobile phones.

Author: Juan Nieto Guerrero
Last editor: Juan Nieto Guerrero