• Have you ever wondered how to effect change? How to deal with the increasingly complex issues facing the managers of schools today?  Are you concerned about the broader issues of education, preparation for life, citizenship and fulfilment?

    If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then this group is for you!

    The eTwinning for School Management group is specifically aimed at school principals and those involved in the leadership and management of schools.
    The purpose of the group is to explore and discuss issues of management in relation to such topics as for example:
        •    Effective leadership
        •    New methods of teaching
        •    The enhancement of digital skills
        •    The motivation of pupils
        •    New approaches to assessment
        •    The upskilling of the teaching workforce
        •    Coping with the integration of newly arrived migrant students
        •    The eTwinning School
     More topics will be added and discussed according to the interest of members, all dealing with the  challenges of school management in the landscape of today. In this group you will make contact with other school prinicpals and managers to network and exchange.

    One of the features of the group are informative webinars on various topics. You must be a member of the group to take part in these.