Introduction to the conference

  • Introduction - Why a conference on 'Digital Citizenship'

    Digital Citizenship is a concept for our age, a world where most people have an identity and life in the online world, as much as they have in real world. Digital Citizenship is a broad concept that explores how best we should act in this online world, what we need to be aware of and of course what are our rights and responsibilities.

    eTwinning is the Community for schools in Europe which has reached 400,000 teachers and growing. eTwinning offers a means to teachers to educate their pupils in preparation for their full participation in a connected society where everyone can play a role beyond the boundaries of their local environment.

    The focus of the conference is to explore together how to raise the capabilities of the schools of today to be prepared for the challenges of the fully digital society of tomorrow.

    Conference programme

    Over 500 eTwinning teachers from all over Europe will participate in the conference, from 27 to 29 October, in Athens (Greece). The first day, Emma Mulqueeny (Founder/board member of Rewired State and Young Rewired State) will deliver the keynote address 'Introducing you to the way 97ers learn, share, infl uence and care'. We will also give the prizes to the teachers who won the eTwinning European prizes 2016. We will stream live the plenary sessions on our YouTube channel.

    During days 2 and 3, participants will enjoy over 40 workshops with more than 30 different experienced trainers. Finally, the Annual Conference will see the launch of eTwinning's new publication, 'Growing Digital Citizens: developing active citizenship through eTwinning' (in EN).

    You can download the full programe here.