SECTION B: Application and Evaluation Process


    SECTION B: Application and Evaluation Process

    Overall, the process includes the following steps:

    • Application phase:
      • The Central Support Service will create an application form in EU Survey.
      • The National Support Organisations share the link of the application form with all the ITE Institutions in their countries,
      • A teacher educator/university teacher registered in eTwinning completes the application form made available by the NSO. It should be noted that only one person per institution can submit an application. To this regard, interested applicants should coordinate with other colleagues of the institution before applying,
      • The application period runs from 8th April 2022 until the 30th May 2022.
    • Evaluation phase: All application entries are evaluated via a thorough procedure at national and European level, as follows:
      • First round: National Support Organisations (NSOs) evaluate the applications at national level and, if all criteria are met, the NSO awards a National Label to one ITE Institution. The National Label will display the different areas where the institution has developed its work, within the eligible period. So, there might be institutions acknowledged for their work in one area, two or three. The NSOs nominate one institution with the highest score to be shortlisted as ITE Institution of the year, based on the awarding criteria described earlier.
      • Second round: based on the ITEs which were granted the national label, the Central Support Service (CSS) and the Steering Committee, acting as Grand Jury, select the winner.


    What are the eligibility criteria?

    • To apply for the Award, teacher educators/university teachers must be registered in eTwinning and have been already validated by the NSO.
    • The application form, shared by the NSO, must be completed in its entirety and submitted before the deadline.
    • The application must refer to activities and outputs completed within the last two academic years, between September 2020 and May 2022.

    How can I apply?

    • Get ready: explore the information and evidence that the application form requires, so that you become familiar with what you are requested to submit.
    • Enter eTwinning Live and visit the profile of your institution. There you will be able to see all the teacher educators who are affiliated with your institution. Please decide among yourselves who is going to apply and submit the entry, since only one person per institution can submit an entry.
    • Click the link for the application form shared by the National Support Organisation.
    • Discuss with your colleagues what to write in the application form. The information submitted should be concise and clear. Applicants are able to save their draft application and continue it at a later stage.
    • Remember: the applicant should also provide and upload, via the form, an official endorsement of the application (in the form of a written document) by an official representative of the institution (e.g., Director, Dean, Vice-Rector, Rector) indicating that the institution is aware of the application and that it endorses the submission.

    What is an entry and what evidence do I need to collect and submit?

    An entry is the result of the application form which is submitted by an applicant (see above for eligibility). The application requests tangible outcomes that give evaluators a concrete idea of the commitment, activities and outcomes deriving from the institution’s work in eTwinning. Each entry has the following elements:

    • applicant’s details
    • profile of the Initial Teacher Education Institution
    • descriptions of the awarding areas as defined by the criteria stated in the application form and which are consistent with the criteria mentioned above. In this section, applicants are encouraged to describe and provide examples of their work, while considering data protection and copyright issues. Evaluators do not have access to restricted materials, so please consider sharing open/publicly accessible links.
    • document of the official endorsement signed by an official representative of the institution (e.g., Director, Dean, Vice-Rector, Rector). You can download this template: 

      Initial Teacher Education Application form – Declaration of Honour .docx

    The answers that you provide in the application form are saved so you can return to your application and fill it out on a later stage. On the right-hand side of the application you will see a button “Save as Draft” as indicated in the image below.

    When you click on this button, you will receive a personalised link that you should keep (e.g., save, copy to clipboard, send via email) in order to continue with the application form on a later stage (see image below).


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