Introduction to the Conference

  • Introduction: eTwinning - Turning Inclusion into Action


    As a recent document from the European Commission puts it, “Inclusion and diversity
    projects should have a positive impact on the situation of young people with fewer
    opportunities (…) compared to their peers because they face one or more exclusion
    factors and obstacles.” In a similar vein, the Paris Declaration of 2015 promotes
    “citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination
    through education.”
    Gender, age, ethnic origin, disability, economic disadvantages and geographical situation
    may become variables of discrimination. Therefore, it is important to reach out to those
    groups who may be marginalised in our education systems, as a result of any of these
    variables, by equipping them with the necessary competences to successfully make the
    most of the opportunities available in our society.
    The focus of the eTwinning Annual Conference 2017 is to share how eTwinning can
    raise the capabilities of schools to address three main factors of exclusion: cultural
    differences, educational diffi culties and geographical obstacles. In this context,
    eTwinning can turn inclusion into action via specifi c international projects, dedicated
    professional development opportunities and above all, by networking teachers so that
    they feel part of an inclusive community. 

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    eTwinning Annual Conference  - Malta 2017 - Summary video! 

    You can also watch the opening ceremony and the prize ceremony on our YouTube channel.