Progetto Erasmus + "Switch-docenti plurilingui in contesto CLIL"


We're a school committed to school curriculum INNOVATION and first introduced BI-LINGUAL teaching (German /Italian) in the primary/ lower secondary school in the 1990s, and English later on in Bolzano ( Alto Adige/ South Tyrol). Our teachers (Italian native speakers) share classes in co-teaching with German native speakers and teachers of English. We're language sensitive and have been awarded the European Label for languages in 2005 and 2008. We want to go international, to open up to European cutting edge training on CLIL, quality teaching and empower a large group of teachers, not only the language teachers, with better language FLUENCY and accuracy in German and English in order to cope with the rising quota of immigrants (now 25%). Therefore we are starting an Erasmus + project called Switch (2017-19) because our TEACHERS want to be able to switch CODES (English and German) during CLIL (Content and integrated learning) lessons and throughout school life. The 14 PARTICIPANTS to the German courses are teachers that share classes in co-teaching with native German teachers and teachers of English. Half of the curriculum is taught in German (Maths, Science, Art, Music, Geography,P.E) and Music and ICt in English. The 23 MOBILITIES to UK, Ireland, Finland, refer to intensive courses of English for teachers of English and Clil teachers of other subjects and CLIL and ICT courses. There are also 3 JOB SHADOWING for 4 teachers + head teacher at our partner schools in Spain (Granada and Gran Canaria ) and Estonia.