Introduction to the Conference

  • eTwinning and Our Heritage: Where the Past Meets the Future

    25-27 October 2018

    Warsaw, Poland

    "Our cultural heritage is more than memory of our past; it is the key to our future." (Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, 2017).

    According to Eurobarometer, "Nine out of ten Europeans think that cultural heritage should be taught in schools". In 2018, we celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Citizens and educators are encouraged to discover Europe's diverse cultural heritage - at EU, national, regional and local level, and to reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space.

    eTwinning, the Community for Schools in Europe, has a strong role to play in supporting this discovery. As a cornerstone for collaborative projects between classrooms across Europe, eTwinning has enabled, in its 13 years of existence, more than two million pupils to work together, harness their cultural differences and develop their European citizenship.

    During the annual eTwinning Conference, which will take place in Warsaw, Poland from 25th to 27th October 2018, more than 500 teachers from across Europe will explore Cultural Heritage, and the intrinsic role it can play in both teaching and learning. With both keynote address and over 40 different workshops led by experts in the fields, participants will share new and effective educational approaches, methods and materials to introduce and reinforce Cultural Heritage education in schools.

    In particular, the eTwinning Annual Conference 2018 will support schools to raise capabilities to:

    • raise awareness of the common history and values;
    • reinforce a sense of belonging to Europe;
    • demonstrate ways of better safeguarding, enhancing, but also reusing and promoting Europe's cultural heritage as a shared resource.


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