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    Name of the workshop and the leader

    Presentation (.pdf)

    Anastasiya Boiko & Borbala Pocze

    STEM and cultural heritage

    Anna Krzyzanowska

    Early years on a project swing - Effective and creative education in the digital world, culture and nature


    Anne Gilleran

    eTwinning Schools

    Beata Lenartowicz 

    Music for the fun of it!

    Christos Bousoulas

    eTwinning Plus and Europe's cultural heritage

    Damien Lonergan

    Exploring augemented reality through eTwinning and linking with MFL

    Davor Japuncic

    Preservation of cultural heritage


    Elizabeth Sauser-Monnig

    eTwinning et Erasmus+: Quelles synergies?

    Frederic Bayersburg

    Synergies between eTwinning and Erasmus+ (German)

    Gabor Sonkoly

    Engaging students with Europe's cultural heritage

    Gijs van Gaans

    Making historical thinking explicit to students using online tools


    Guido Gerrichhauzen

    Identity = seeing & being

    Grainne Walsh

    Cultural Heritage for eTwinning projects - workshopping the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage classroom resources

    Joe Dale

    Useful ICT tools to enhance communication and collaboration in eTwinning project


    Johan Mårtelius

    Cultural heritage without borders: experience in cross-national heritage support


    Kati Nurmi

    Living cultural heritgage in Europe

    Kristine Sevik & Vibeke Guttormsgaard

    Build and code useless robots with BBC: micro:bit


    Laimute Vidauskiene

    The key to successful collaboration


    Liene Dreimane

    Online roadmaps for history lessons

    Luis Concalves

    It's just a minute! How can I teach citizenship in every step of my day

    Lysiane Andre

    Cultural rights/global citizenship

    Mania Mubaslat


    Marie Stracenska

    Truth or nonsense...?

    Marvic Refalo

    Cultural heritage as an Eco-Schools theme combined with the SDGs

    Matthies Andersen

    Language and music creative compositions

    No slides were used during the workshop

    Milena Popova

    Teaching with digital cultural heritage

    Nandia Tomasidou

    Celebrating cultural heritage through drama and theatre

    Patrizia Orazi & Vincenzo Ruta

    Fostering cultural awareness through storytelling

    Pier Giorgio Oliveti & Sabine Storme

    How to build on culture and local food customs for a healthy life

    Ronan O'Sullivan

    Preserving our cultural heritage

    Sabrina Vorbau

    Digital meets culture: Hacking hate with SELMA

    Vesna Babaja

    Synergies between eTwinning and Erasmus+ (English)


    Prize Winners presentations

    Presentation (pdf)

    Age categories 4-11 Winner

    IMAGINE... Together for the world

    Age categories 4-11 Runner up

    Take care of me - take care of you

    Age categories 12-15 Winner

    ICT World 2017

    Age categories 12-15 Runner up

    Out of the box

    Age categories 16-19 Winner

    Natural Parks = International Treasure

    Age categories 16-19 Runner up

    Tu eres el cuadro



     TeachMeet Presentations

    Session 1

    Presentation (.pdf)

    Enhanching critical thinking through Art
    Epics in Europe
    eTwinning and CLIL
    National Parks = International Treasure
    Bridging the Gap  
    Say Hello and Smile
    A Fanzine for Zoe

    Session 2

    Presentation (.pdf)

    European Movement Germany
    Circus of Culture
    Cyber Fairies
    CLILling Mythology
    World of "Famous" Difference
    We all speak the same language
    Monumental Europe
    eTwinning a powerful motivator
    Sense world

    Session 3

    Presentations (.pdf)

    Cultural Heritage Trivial 
    Migration - circle of life
    Adventures in Castles, Fortresses, Churches and Places of Worship
    eTwinning United Nationals Through Cultures
    Digital Magazine "Our Heroes"