Intensive English Course and CLIL for Teachers - Dublin 2018

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    This course was a very rewarding experience.

    I refreshed my English and learned how to apply CLIL in the classroom.

    I also had the opportunity to meet other European teachers and share experiences together.

    Besides that, I had time to discover Dublin and learn about the history of Ireland and its people. The Irish are so friendly!! In Ireland, if you ask a stranger for directions, you will get a friendly and helpful reply along with a smile. They are also very proud of their history, culture and music and they still teach their language at primary schools- the Gaelic. My Irish teacher taught us some Gaelic words too. Here they are:

    Ceapaire – Sandwich

    Úll – maçã

    Bainne – leite

    Maidin mhaith – Bom dia

    It’s a strange language!! :)

    Conceição Sousa

    The mix of theory and practice was well balanced. I learned new things. CLIL is not harder and gives me new energy to teach, using a second language.Practical sessions on the CLIL methodology provided teachers with technical and new ideas to teach  the subject in English, ready materials and an opportunity to evaluate, adapt and create materials to teach the subject in English.The English course for teachers allowed me to improve my English skills I have increased my knowledge of Irish culture and met fantastic places. It was also important the contact with other teachers allowing the exchange of experiences.

    Maria da Conceição Vasconcelos

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