At present, „Vasile Goldiş” National College has 48 classrooms, four laboratories of informatics, one of chemistry, two of physics and two of biology, which are equipped with materials necessary for the good development of the educational act, an amphitheater , a library with over 32,000 volumes, seven cabinets for different disciplines, an area for the educational counselor, another for the computer scientist, two medical offices and one dental. The school also has two chancelleries, a student broadcasting station and a festive hall. Currently, in our school, 1342 students learn in the following structure:

    · Kindergarten - 2 groups

    · Primary education – 14 classes

    · Secondary – 12 classes

    · High school - 20 classes.


    The socio - cultural level of the families from which students come from is medium. The school, through programs under the aegis of the School Inspectorate or Ministry of Education, helps students with disadvantaged background and material needs (High School Money, Euro 200). Our college has a Moddle platform where it organizes school competitions, various activities, a website and a Facebook page where periodically the activities undertaken as well as the results of our students and our teachers are updated. The robotics class within the "Vasile Goldiş" National College of Arad aims mainly to implement and promote the concept of "learning by doing" as well as to prepare and motivate the young generation to pursue a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The robotics group enrolls 30 students from both lower and upper secondary level education and in varied occasions, our students received prizes and recognition for their work. Our school pupils are trained each year in volunteer activities within the National Community Action Program for Children's Centers and the Elderly. Other extracurricular activities with pupils are: "Science Festival", "Streets for People" Contest, Theater and Film Festival in Romanian for Students, Francophone Theater Festival, Social Campaign "Alcohol does not make you big", "Young people for preserving live traditions ", exhibitions, contests, visits, ecology of the Cela Forest, exchange of experiences on educational issues in the European Parliament, participation in the" Romania Roots "project of tree planting, the" European Village "project, AIDS Prevention "," Read Arad "," Buzz Literature ", etc.