Zespol Szkol Ksztalcenia Ustawicznego w Krosnie Poland

  • Our school is public organization. We have daily students in secondary and post-secondary level. There are also offers for training on evening and weekend classes. Besides, we organize many different short and long trainings. Students who attend our center belongs to an economic and sociocultural medium-low level. Our school is a center that shares the teachings of Secondary Education and Baccalaureate with Vocational Training of several levels, initial, medium and high degree. Over 700 students from very different conditions and profiles attend the schools. Also it has several specializations programs for students with special educational needs. Our mission: to educate the students in democratic values such as pluralism, tolerance, solidarity, etc. Education in an environment of freedom and respect for diversity. Some of the fields of Special Education our school has been participating throughout the last ten years in various European Programmes are:

    · Alternative and augmentative communication

    · Inclusion

    · Vocational training

    · • Multicultural class

    · Environmental issues

    · Multidisciplinary team work

    · Arts (theatre, music, dance, handicraft)

    · Sports as a tool for social inclusion.


    Our school got ISO 9001certificate. It develops programs in which many students are involved and, in this way they, they are encouraged to attend school and have a good education.

    Another important activity is the Afterschool organized by our institution. It is a program that supports the children who want to finish their homework at school under the guidance of qualified teachers. We also organize Teacher Trainings in collaboration with the School Inspectorate and facilitate the promotion of quality education in the spirit positive values and attitudes, develop skills, attitudes and ability to adapt to economic change, social and Political providing teachers and students integrate into the society of the third millennium. We offer diverse training programs proposed under training needs analysis and we conduct training programs for all categories of teachers in urban and rural areas. Our EU department is responsible for the project: the department is composed of seven people and they are experienced enough to carry out the project. During the project period we'll contribute to the planning, development and management of the project. The organization will set up the conditions for the project activities to take place. We'll contact partners and work with them. We'll also have the opportunity to observe its strengths and weaknesses in the scope of education systems so we'll raise awareness in terms of Education. Furthermore, we'll take a role in dissemination, sustainability of the project and organizing meetings and seminars related to the subject of the project. School team participating in the project includes experienced teachers, competent in ICT, social inclusion and English language.