Entrepreneurship Basics

  • Successful Entrepreneurs are real leaders. Leaders are needed everywhere. Can we develop leadership at school? How to do it?

    There are 3 levels of leadership:
    1. Self leadership – is taught at school, teacher is always asking – does anybody have the different opinion? ….. a good teacher supports thinking of the students, this is the way how to support independence 

    2. Being active – give your children the opportunity to lead their friends in different activities such as: outdoor sports, music practice, give them experience in public speaking

    3. Building coalitions – short and specific, raising money for charity, propose a small business project for your children that could be done at your school, Inspire your pupils to think about "What can we do to help for instance environment, elderly people in neighbourhood

    How can we teach children  to set a small business project ?  

    It is useful if you praise children for pointing out small problems or setbacks in their lives that cause them distress. Inspire them to pay attention to the problems and complaints of their parents, friends or other people.

    Brainstorm solutions on how to resolve their troubles. If they focus on positive solutions, instead of focusing on problem itself, it will help them to create profitable ideas in their possible future business, or at least have positive mindset.

    Motivate children to imagine real customers with real problems. Let them think of tangible benefits which a product or service can bring customers.

    Are there already competitive ideas ?  Never mind. Entrepreneurs believe almost everything can be improved…" Important question is, what can I do to make my product unique?

    Financial literacy is a must. It is useful to teach children about money at an early age. Teach them about how much it would cost to produce their product, point out that they should pay themselves for their work as well. Give your pupils the opportunity to earn their own money through their own small business.

    Selling is involved in every part of life. Life is all about selling. To get a good job, you must sell yourself to your employers. Success in business is also all about selling; Encourage your children to start with small projects like selling their old toys, starting a lemonade stand, or selling handmade goods. Encourage them to create their own marketing materials for their business ideas.