Back to school campaign

  • Back to school 2020/2021

    Welcome back 🙂.

    This year we are going to focus on Wellbeing as it is inevitable for our personal and professional life. 

    Our back to school activity is simple.

    How do you want to feel at school? What do you need to experience these feelings? What can YOU do to experience them?  

    Please, write your answers to this Padlet

    Ask your students the same questions and write their answers in the comment. 

    I am looking forward to your posts 🙂


    Back to school 2018/19

    We all want to be successful, but what is success? What success means to you? Don´t write about it, just post a picture representing your view to this Padlet

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    Let´s have a reverse brainstorming! Tell us, what kind of teacher don´t you want to be this year? 

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    June 2016

    Summer is coming, where shoud we spend our holidays? The last task for you dear colleagues! Suggest a unique place to visit in your country, something that is not well-known, but really is worth a visit. Write you suggestions to this Padlet.

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    Summer is over and we are ready to go back to school full of energy and nice memories. Share with us your experiences that were the high point of your holidays. It will help build your resilience :). Add a word document with pictures and a nice story or an interesting experience from your holidays to "Materials". Go to Materials, then Files and add your document to the file "Holidays" please. I will make an e-book and share it with you then. I am looking forward to your stories and pictures