Activities for The European Year of Cultural Heritage

  • The European Year of Cultural Heritage begins now!

    Cultural heritage has a universal value for all of us. In 2018 we are here to search for ways to celebrate and preserve it. Join our activities with your students, discover our diversity but also what we have in common.

    Do you know that more than 70% of internet traffic is based on video?

    You probably know how popular “Youtubers” are among young people.

    Let´s give our students challenge to start their “Youtuber career” as individuals or teams. 

    Join our 4 activities throughout the year and create videos on different topics. You will get an official certificate of participation and at the same time you will give students a chance to develop their Entrepreneurial skills and mindset.

    Upload your videos on Padlet in the appropriate subpage, vote for the best ones.


    Tourist attractions. The link for the first activity is here 

    Traditional Food. The link for the second activity is here 

    Traditional Music and Dances. The link for the third activity is here 

    Inventions. The link for the last activity is here 

    You can do all activities till the end of November 2018