Activity 2 - Traditional Food

  • Activity 2   

    Food is so important for all of us. Do you like your traditional meal? We would like to know more about it!

    Could you teach us how to prepare it? Could you innovate your traditional recipes? 

    What to do? 

    Challenge yout students to prepare innovative version of your traditional dishes

    1. Students find recipes of the traditional dishes (starter, soup, main dish, dessert)
    2. They decide how to transfer those recipes into modern menu (how to make it healthy, tasty, trendy…. just innovate them a bit)
    3. Students prepare a short video not longer than 2 min where they tell us how to prepare your traditional dishes with their “innovative twist”
    4. Upload your video to this Padlet and/or to the group Materials

    You still have time to create your videos on this topic until November 2018

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