Entrepreneurial Mindset


    Thinking like an entrepreneur requires a unique approach to the world and a mind-set to help view

    the world as limitless in its possibilities for improvement, change and innovation.

    Being enterprising involves being proactive, developmental, creative, making things happen and generating ideas in any and every part of life. 

    Teachers, especially eTwinning teachers have the potential to be entrepreneurs because they impact the lives of many people. Teacherpreneurs, like entrepreneurs, create and share, solve real problems, they are active, energetic, take initiative and inspire others to do the same, they wish to effect real change in education and are passionate about what they do. 


    How entrepreneurial are you?  Take this quiz, but be honest to yourself 

    Here you can see the overview how entrepreneurial this etwinning group of teachers is  

    Entrepreneurial mindset is important for everybody, for teachers and pupils as well. We are going to develop this mindset during next weeks. Visit the page Activities for teachers and students and take part in this exciting journey. Let´s help each other, inspire and motivate each other and together become a group of active Teacherpreneurs

    It would be nice and useful to serve as role models for pupils and demonstrate the attributes, attitudes and skills associated with Entrepreneurship. 

    We will add activities and materials for developing Entrepreneurial mind-set regularly in May. Then we will develop our Entrepreneurial skills