Activities for teachers and students

  • Entrepreneurship forces children to think “outside of the box,” create unique solutions. There are some small activities you can use with your pupils...... can you add more?

    Here is a space for the activities to develop Entrepreneurial mindset. Let´s create a toolkit of activities together

    There are lots of activities we can use in education and eTwinning projects for developing entrepreneurial mindset of our pupils. Let´s inspire each other. Open the link below and write your idea, add simple description, what exactly is needed to be done and include a picture of the activity in action, if you have any. You can contribute to each others´ posts and vote for them. I am sure this will be a great source of activities for all of us. I will make e-book of your ideas then. 


    If you have Twitter account, share your activity on Twitter with #entetw


    How to become a passionate teacher? Let´s share our ideas in this Forum


    Do you know the oldest creative exercise? Think of as many different uses for a "cloth hanger" as possible. Quantity is more important than quality in this exercise. In your class give children limited time, you can use any simple everyday object – e.g. shoelace, belt, comb…..

    Try this exercise with your pupils. You can use Answergarden or mindmaps or just write on a blackboard…. Let children each week brainstorm about different issues.