Foster curiosity

  • Every great entrepreneur knows that usually the first step in creating a business is to be curious about something:

    How is it made? Why does it need to be on the market? Who could it help? How can I make it better?

    Kids ask a lot of questions and it’s important to foster their curiosity so they can explore different options, do their own research and think about processes and products from various points of view. By supporting your children’s investigative practices you are helping them expand their thinking and curiosity.

    Not all students are highly curious and fostering curiosity and creativity in today's learners is a challenge for us.

    What would happen if.......? 

    We can use curiosity as a primary motivator at the beginning of a lesson by starting with right question or statement that would pupils surprise. 

    Curiosity is not about finding, but exploring.

    Create an atmosphere where pupils are not afraid to raise questions, let them test their own hypotheses, let them explore, discuss, brainstorm....

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    Offer your pupils Inquiry based learning, Problem based learning or Project based learning .....