Let´s develop Entrepreneurial skills


    There is a great resourse of tools and methods to support entrepreneurial teaching and learning in this page 


    You can find 127 tools there, not all of them are suitable for you may be. Some of them are very simple and you can use them directly in your classroom, some of them are a bit more complicated. Anyway, get inspired and let us know how you used them. 

    Here are some tools from that page


    An Elementary School programme promoted by Junior Achievement through which students are guided to discover how a community works, including the roles and responsibilities of different people, businesses and organisations within it.

    Here is a very interesting tool Creativity Cards. 

    Creativity Cards

    tool consists of a set of 54 cards which contain a range of ideas and exercises focusing on problem-solving and offering inspiration for collaboration and creative thinking.


    Here is another tool. It was created by Hyde Park Junior School from Great Britain.

    Skills and Strenghts Quiz

    It is a self-assessment tool for pupils to identify their strenghts and skills. You can use it at the beginning of a project to give pupils a stratging point and then at the end as well, to see how they develop their skills.

    Have a look an share with us your experience with using those tools in this Padlet.