• December

    It is time to learn practical tips how to be happier and enjoy our life 🙂




    Should we wait for our happiness, chase it or create it? Join me and we will find out together 🙂


    What makes us happy? 

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    Our back to school activity is simple.

    How do you want to feel at school? What do you need to experience these feelings? What can YOU do to experience them?  

    Write your answers to this Padlet

    Ask your students the same questions and write their answers in the comment.



    Challenge ot the month. Find more info here 


    In may we had an expert talk with two managers of Eco-schols programe in England and India.

    You can find recording here 


    "In order to not only survive but to succeed we have to develop the ability to respond to unique and unexpected circumstances to help us adapt to the ever-changing dynamic" How to do this? Join our online seminar and learn more


    Challenge of the month! Join us please. Find more info here



    In March, we have an expert talk for you with Marcus Orlovsky

    Join us for Twitter chat on Thursday 26 March at 6pm and learn from each other

    Challenge of the month



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    This year is very important for us! Let´s set challenges together with our students to fight Climate Change! First of all, join our activity of the month! Read more here


    December task

    Don´t forget to share your activities you use in your schools to develop self-awereness and self-management.

    Many thanks to all who have shared it already! You can read and share here  and here .

    Use this nice Christmas spirit to join our activity "Act of Kindness" with your pupils 


    In case you missed a very inspiring expert talk with Eva Jambor, here is the recordings 

    September - October

    We are back to school full of energy and eager to spread joy of learning in our classroom! Research shows that children who feel supported by adults at school are better able to learn. Do you agree? 

    The University of Chicago performed a study in June of 2015.  Titled Foundation for Young Adult Success, it framed exactly what we need to build within our students so they can find happiness. We need to focus on Social and emotional learning! Next weeks we will talk more about how to support SEL in our classroom. Have a look at this page Social and emotional learning and add your activity for Self-awareness  and Self-management


    You can find the recordings of this expert talk here



    Let´s tweet! Join our Twitter chat on Thursday, May 9 at 6pm CEST.

    Our topic is Social and emotional learning. Don´t forget to use our hashtag #entetw!


    There are lots of ice-breaking activities that bring joy and connect people. What do you use in your classroom with your students? Let´s share our favourite icebreakers! Find more info here


    It´s a New Year! Let´s make it great! Join our first activity of the year :) 

    You can find it here 



    You are invited to join our webinar with a special topic 


    Monitoring Survey


    As you may know, there is a big Monitoring Survey for eTwinners! We would like to ask you kindly to devote a few minutes to this as it would be great to receive as many responses as possible to see the value and impact of eTwinning on us and our students and school. 


    The survey can be taken in 27 different languages and you can access the different language versions by changing the language of the article.

    The article with the link: 

    Welcome back to school and to our group again

    1. Join our back to school campaign. You don´t know how? Just go to this page and find out more 

    2. I invite you also to join this webinar on 20 September 

    Webinar link: (The room opens on 20 September at 11:30 CEST


    You are invited to join webinar of Elin McCallum on the School Education Gateway about How and why to assess Entrepreneurial education. Sign up and find more info here 

    Happy to invite you to join our webinar  and Twitter chat

    It is important for the work in group to keep in touch and be informed about the activities. I think it would be useful for you and me as well to have your emails as I can send information directly to you. If you want to keep-up-to-date, please fill out this form.

    May - June

    Let´s celebrate eTwinning Day and cultural heritage by singing and dancing! 

    Can your students show us how to dance your traditional dance? 

    What to do? Find out more here

    March - April

    Food is so important for all of us. Do you like your traditional meal? We would like to know more about it!

    Could you teach us how to prepare it? Could you innovate your traditional recipes? 


    The European Year of Cultural Heritage begins now!

    There are so many spectacular places here on Earth to see. I am sure there are also such

    places in your region. What about creating videos that would promote or protect them?

    Go to the page "The European Year of Cultural Heritage" and find more info


    I invite you to join our Christmas activity "Act of Kindness" FInd more info here 

    Join -LINC webinar: Teaching and learning about entrepreneurial competences in an entrepreneurial way.

    You can register here 

    Do you need an inspiration for entrepreneurial activities? There are three activities you can join next weeks!

    1. You probably know already our activity "Make a Difference Day"

    This time I want to spread "Make a Difference Day" around the world and invite also teachers from Microsoft community to join us. Find more info here 

    Connect with other teachers and pupils and make our world better 

    2. Join the I-LINC activity Selfie-Entrepreneur. Learn more here 

    3. Challenge your pupils with 5 euros. Learn how here

    Let´s have a reverse brainstorming! Tell us, what kind of teacher don´t you want to be this year? 


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