Public page of the group

  • Welcome to the public page of the online eTwinning group called "Bringing eSafety into eTwinning projects".

    Who can join this group?

    This group is open for all teachers who want to extend their knowledge concerning eSafety issues when using digital media in the education process.

    What are the group objectives?

    - to provide teachers with guidance on the subject concerning keeping pupils eSafe while using digital media in education, especially in the context of carrying out eTwinning projects,

    - to develop teachers’ skills in scope of preparing their own didactic material regarding eSafety issues that can be used in their teaching practice,

    - to share and exchange knowledge on the topic with other teachers.

    Are any special skills required to participate in the group?

     Any special skills are not required to participate in this group. If you are interested in the group issues, do not hesitate to join it.