Sustainability Education Network Service eTwinning. SENSE Group



eTwinning is the Community for schools in Europe: The free safe platform for teachers to connect, develop collaborative projects and share ideas in Europe.

Since 2005 eTwinning has developed new tools following the principles of collaboration and learning in a European context. The Progress section on the initial Portal is one of the challenging learning projects eTwinning offers to all teachers of the participating countries.

eTwinning Groups are virtual communities of teachers around a specific topic or theme, where learning takes place amongst participants and experts, sharing practical examples and materials, and contributing to a good atmosphere by taking part in the design and content of the group.

The Sustainability Education Network Service eTwinning, SENSE Group, is the European Community of teachers interested in Sustainability Education, characterised by features such as: Innovation, collaboration, reflexion, critical thinking and coherent actions.



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Author: Agustin Bastida Rodriguez
Last editor: Agustin Bastida Rodriguez