• Participants can suggest themes or ask for information about any content in ESD they are interested in, like for example: Competences in ESD; Agenda21; Eco-Schools; Confint.

    The way to know your interests will be through a questionaire which is available in the section: Welcome to the group: Joining the group makes SENSE or here.

    Let us know something about you. If you haven't visited our "social" space yet, this is your chance.

    Seminars, Learning Events or MOOC's will be possible depending on your demands. They will be run by experts. Do you consider yourself an innovative person with knowledge or experience to share and to collaborate in a learning project? If you are interested in sharing your ideas and projects, this is your space. Let us know your topic and details. Write an email to me: abastida1960@gmail.com or write your ideas below. Thank you for sharing. ;-))  Agustín Bastida 



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