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  • Sharing helps to improve our activities and methodology, to discover new ways to do things in a more efective way. Please, let us know what you are doing in your centre or carrer to develop Sustainability Education. 


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                                YES,WE CAN

    Countries:Turkey,Romania,Italy,Armenia,North Macedonia,Poland


    Name of the Project:YES,WE CAN


    Topic: Environment


            The project is about identifying the problems that our planet is facing and trying to find solutions to these problems.
    I think that, if we involve our students in saving our planet, they will learn responsibility in their actions and - who knows? - maybe they will become an example to be followed by others.
                The activities in the project will follow two directions: one will involve our kids in real actions, such as collecting plastic bottles and recycling plastic, planting trees etc, and the other direction will be an artistic one, as we would like to create a play related to saving our planet.

    Twinspace Project Homepage



    Countries: Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan

    Name of Project: Home Sweet Home

    In the frames of this project students of Novovolynsk School #5 in Ukraine prepared posters and presentations devoted to the World Environmental Day

    Year 8 students from the UK speak on behalf of Malaysian wildlife against Palm Oil production

    A group of 12-13 year old students from Guilsborough School created an animal train to be sent to Brussels about non-sustainable Palm Oil production.  The added speech bubbles to give the views of animals that are endangered and cannot do it for themselves.

    art class from Hamburg,Germany/ Project:

     Hedwig´s request! A special climate action- tiny letter-remembralls to Brussels.

    (Many owls bring letters to help the rainforest and our climate on planet earth.)

    Dear teachers and students,

    we need your support - from all parts of Europe! Last action before summer!

    Write a tiny owl -mail to save the important rainforest on planet earth!
    (The Commission shall see, even young students take care for our planet and do not give up! )

    Please help us!

    Create just one little owl (like Harry Potter´s Hedwig) and write a tiny letter to EU Commission for Climate.

    Mention in the letter :

    "Please stop cheap palm oil in Europe!! Palm oil kills rainforests and our climate! Act now!"

    "Label palm oil in cosmetics "

    "Establish an official seal for products without palm oil"

    ( We are literally eating the rainforest! We are washing our hands and hair with the rainforest ,we brush our tooth and we do not know about it. In Europe Palm oil and palm fat speads out at express speed in our food and cosmetics etc.)

    It would be great, if as many as possible owls from all parts of Europe would arrive
    Brussels Climate Commission.

    Address your owl letter to:

    European Commission  (dept. Climate) /

    Mr. Miguel Arias Cañete,

    Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200;

    1049 Brussels


    Examples for Hedwig:   1)paper




    Write the tiny letter as owl mail.



    If you join us, send the letter to the EU Commission (dept. Climate).

    If you send us a picture of your owl ,we can show all of them.

    Thank you so much!

    With the best regards.
    Ulrike Claus
    and artclass from Theodor Haubach Primary school ,Hamburg, Germany




    Sharing helps to improve our activities and methodology, to discover new ways to do things in a more efective way. Please, let us know what you are doing in your centre or carrer to develop Sustainability Education.



    Education for Sustainability in the Basque Autonomus Community: the Agenda 21 School

    The Eduation for sustainabilty programme is promoted and ruled by the Basque Government: Departments of Education and Department of
    This process is applied in primary schools of the Basque Country through the Scholar Agenda 21 process. More than 60% (450 schools) are involved in this process. The Scholar Agenda 21 is closely related to the Local sustainability process.

    Some highlights:

    • Every year new schools are implementing the process
    • Periodical (anual) evaluations are made to cuantify the implementation: ‘excellent’schoolsare recognized
    • Technical and financial supportto schools and local governments to promote the agenda 21 process
    • Political commitment to implement the process
    • Alingment witht he DESD process, leaded by UNESCO

    More info in the pdf.

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