• You are welcome to the GBC group!

    This is a learning and sharing space for all innovative e-Twinning teachers who think of games as tools for differentiation and want to know
    how to integrate them in their classroom and build curriculum.Teachers who want to be fully aware of the content of the game, the activities to be performed, the skills needed or will be developed, as well as any potential barriers that are to be overcome.

     This is the right place to find out more about the topic, before proceeding into applying a game or game designing in the teaching procedure.



     This group aims at focusing on exploring the content and the potential of games, how to take advantage of young people's passion and integrate games into our teaching/learning procedure. It is a collaborative workspace where participants learn and teach at the same time;
    we are presented with helpful material,  share opinions, resources, and good practices and  build in our own lesson plans to be shared.