Creative Classroom Group is an active eTwinning group since 2008. In the old platform it numbered more than 3000 members.  In our group:

    • we share our work with our colleagues
    • our work is being recognized and valued though different kind of activities
    • we take part in expert talks, online events, campaigns, creative activities
    • we have an elibrary with all our work on different topics
    • we discuss different things and help each other

    But the most important: we are a big company of friends around Europe and even further, who want to help our students ignite their creativity!

    Welcome to our Creative World!


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    (The mosaic of creative people, portraits made by the students of the Creative Classroom Group members, April 2015)

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    Tutorial to help you get around: Let's explore the Creative Classroom Group

    The first officlai planning of the Creative Classroom Group on 15/02/2010: 

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    Creative Classroom Group meeting in the European Conference in Lisbon in 2013

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