Annual Conference

  • eTwinning: Where Education Meets Democracy

    What kind of society will our children live in tomorrow? How can they fully participate in the society of the future? The answer lies to a large extent in education. Education plays a crucial role in shaping the world and its citizens. Schools must be places where pupils are educated to have an active role in their society and be prepared for democratic participation.

    eTwinning, the Community for Schools in Europe, since 2005 has helped circa 700.000 teachers and millions of pupils to work together in European collaborative projects, harnessing their cultural differences and planting the seeds of their European citizenship.

    During the 2019 annual Conference, which will take place in France from 24th to 26th October 2019, more than 500 teachers from across Europe will explore how eTwinning can contribute to:

    1. fostering a culture of democratic participation in schools;
    2. developing students' values, attitudes, skills, knowledge and critical understanding that will enable them to participate actively in democratic life;
    3. exploring ways to support teachers to help young people grow into active and responsible citizens

    Plenary sessions, networking activities and fifty different workshops will guide participants through a journey towards the point where education meets democracy. This will happen by sharing best practices, exploring new ways of teaching and being inspired by the members of the eTwinning community.

    You can follow the Annual Conference from this Group and on social media using the hashtag #eTwconf19