Mobility in Prague, Innovative Approaches to Teaching by ITC - International

  • The maths teacher, Teuta Bučaj, participated in the Erasmus + K1 project at the course of Innovative Approaches to Teaching held in Prague, Czech Republic in the period from 19. August to 23. On August 2019. The course was organized by the ITC-Teaching Institute for teachers created by the Czech Ministry of Education, and it is primarily intended for teachers who want to improve the quality of performance teaching by applying modern teaching methods aimed at developing the skills needed for the 21st century. Century. Skills that are thought to be indispensable in the future are: written and oral communication, information, media and financial literacy, critical and creative thinking, collaborative and organizational capacity, problem-solving and social responsibility. As teachers play a key role in their development, the participants of the course are on concrete examples, putting themselves in the role of the student, familiarize with how the teaching process is directed to the development thereof, without the teacher losing their authenticity. Through the creation of digital content, the participants of the course are familiar with the various digital tools and their accessibility in the processing of different material and ways of conducting igrification and research learning. They are also familiar with different methods of valuation (sumative, formative, peer and metacognician) and how to implement them more efficiently with the use of digital tools. 
    Thanks to this, as well as other courses in the Erasmus + project, teachers are empowered to follow up through the exchange of experiences and examples of good practice. It also creates opportunities for meeting new cultures and delivering new contacts that can Lead to some co-operation and new projects in the future.