L4F - Learning for Future! Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking

This group is aimed at disseminating the Erasmus+ KA1 project "Learning 4 Future! Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking" to be implemented at Agrupamento de Escolas de Santo André, Barreiro throughout the years of 2019-2021. The project was created within a long-term strategy at AESA school cluster, after the following needs had been identified: -Teacher centered in traditional teaching -Lack of digital competences -Lack of English foreign language skills and intercultural skills The use of digital technologies in different moments of the learning process will ensure the change from a teacher centered to a student centered learning, stimulating the learner's effective involvement in the learning process. In order that learners can benefit from an attractive learning process, it is essential to increase the teachers' motivation leading them to acquire new competences. The activities of mobility and European cooperation integrated in the project L4F will also deepen the participants' English foreign language skills such as their intercultural skills, elevating AESA school cluster to a European School of the Future. We outlined a broad and varied dissemination plan by means of: -informative texts -photo reports -implementation of good practices aquired, with learners -workshops, sessions and seminars aimed at teachers from AESA school cluster -short training sessions certified by the teacher training centre CFEBM aimed at teachers from the counties of Barreiro and Moita -webinars created after workshops and presentations -public session presenting the results of L4F, taking place at the municipal auditorium and aimed at the educational community and entities with responibility in the education field (DGE, Erasmus+ NA, Municipality, Teacher Training Centre CFEBM) -evaluation of the impact -inclusion of the innovative practices acquired, in the classes of all subject areas and teaching levels of AESA -publication of all material produced.

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